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Solomon's Porch Podcast Partners with Kingstone Comics | @kingstonecomics @solomonsporchp1

We have be blessed with an opportunity to partner with Kingstone Comics. They are a company that shares the gospel with the most complete graphic novel collection set of the Bible. This is great for adults and kids who enjoy comics and learn visually. Whatever you decided to purchase, Solomons Porch Podcast will get a portion of the sale price. Please consider checking out and supporting this great company by buying their high quality work. Here is a little more about the company.

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Legacy A.D. Series To Be Released Soon | @legacyadcartoon @solomonsporchp1

We like to support all Christians involved in media and entertainment and especially in the comic book world. Legacy A.D falls into that category as it is a cartoon that also be released in digital comic book form. You can follow their social media accounts at @legacyadcartoon and their youtube channel HERE.

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While The Avengers Reverse The Snap, Brinson Addresses God "Reversing Tomorrow" | @iambrinson @godchaserz @solomonsporchp1

Reversing Tomorrow. While you may not comprehend exactly what that title means, the message inside Brinson’s ninth solo album is (and remains) abundantly clear: The creator of the universe loves us so much that He provides a miraculous plan of salvation through belief in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus the Christ, His one and only son.

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