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Skillet "Victorious" Album Review | @solomonsporchp1 @skilletmusic

If you enjoy rock music, if you've attended a major sporting event, or even if you've just watched a sports highlight video on YouTube, chances are, you've heard Skillet.

Skillet is a four-piece band originally from Memphis, but now basing their brand of radio-friendly fist-pumping rock out of Wisconsin. With nine albums and multiple awards to their credit, Skillet knew they had to really bring it on their tenth effort, and bring it, they did.

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Faith Head Releasing New Album 'Genesys' | @faithheadband @solomonsporchp1

“We focus equally on both the music and the message,” states Patrick. “If the music sucks, then no one will care about the message. If the message is weak or watered down, then the music doesn't matter.”

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