Solomon's Porch Podcast Partners with Kingstone Comics | @kingstonecomics @solomonsporchp1

We have be blessed with an opportunity to partner with Kingstone Comics. They are a company that shares the gospel with the most complete graphic novel collection set of the Bible. This is great for adults and kids who enjoy comics and learn visually. Whatever you decided to purchase, Solomons Porch Podcast will get a portion of the sale price. Please consider checking out and supporting this great company by buying their high quality work. Here is a little more about the company.

Kingstone Comics is a leading provider of Christian comic books, Biblical worldview graphic novels and motion comic animation. The company was selected by SONY Pictures to create the graphic novel companion piece for their motion picture “The Remaining” and has published the first graphic novels by evangelical thought leaders such as Dr. Ravi Zacharias and Randy Alcorn. The company is best known for the Kingstone Bible, the most complete graphic adaptation of the Bible ever done as well as the largest non-serialized graphic novel ever produced. Kingstone is now in the process of animating the entire Bible.

Kingstone Comics has even partnered with the famous apologist Ravi Zacharias in a fictional book title The Lamb and the Fuhrer.


Let us know if you are interested in purchasing any of these products so that we may put the order in and in doing so you are also supporting the Solomon’s Porch Podcast. Thank you so much for your help and consideration. The prices for their products are listed below.