iNTELLECT And Tae Lamar Team Up To Go “Above The Clouds” | @iNTELLECT3n1 @taelamargsr @solomonsporchp1

Toledo, OH & Chicago, IL - Christian Hip Hop artists Tae Lamar and iNTELLECT join forces and are taking listeners “Above the Clouds”.

The new single features DJ Sean P and released on September 13, 2019.

Available across digital outlets, “Above the Clouds” is a return to the roots of hip hop. Lamar holds down the role of beatmaker while iNTELLECT lends his classic sound as the group’s emcee. If you are a hip hop head who lives for the glory days, then “Above the Clouds” is the sound you have been searching for.

Listen now:

Song Details:

Lyrics - i NTELLECT Production - Tae Lamar Cuts-D JSeanP

Mix - iNTELLECT Master - D J Sean P


@intellect_419 | @taelamargsr

Above the Clouds is a Christian Hip Hop group featuring iNTELLECT (rhymes) and Tae Lamar (beats).

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