Mitch Darrell Has A Lyricists Party On "Chop It Up" | @mitchdarrell_ @whoiskrisnoel @jodiejermaine @quodraveion @solomonsporchp1

Mitch Darrell has been spending his time nailing every CHH competition he enters, winning several including one to get him a feature on KJ-52’s newest album “What Happened Was…”. Along with Mitch, Jodie Jermaine also won a feature with KJ-52 and shares some bars on this track as well. It is not surprising to hear Kris Noel, another NC artist, who just won Canon’s contest, kill it on his verse. This was a nice introduction to Quadrveion for us as this is the first time hearing him on a song.

‘"Chop It Up” is a track featuring 4 lyrical emcees showing off their word play and speed rap abilities.” -Mitch Darrell

Let us know what you think of this track from Mitch Darrell, CHH’s Master Jedi.

You can get the song here: