Skillet "Victorious" Album Review | @solomonsporchp1 @skilletmusic

If you enjoy rock music, if you've attended a major sporting event, or even if you've just watched a sports highlight video on YouTube, chances are, you've heard Skillet.

Skillet is a four-piece band originally from Memphis, but now basing their brand of radio-friendly fist-pumping rock out of Wisconsin. With nine albums and multiple awards to their credit, Skillet knew they had to really bring it on their tenth effort, and bring it, they did.

Bassist/vocalist John Cooper stated that the album was comprised of fight songs and that he wanted to let others know that "you can be victorious through the trials of life, but life is going to suck sometimes". The title track in particular was written as a response to the late Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington, who tragically left us in 2017. Cooper wanted to let everyone dealing with depression know that they're not alone and they can be victorious.

One thing I've loved about Skillet in recent years is the contrasting vocals between Cooper's gravelly belting and drummer/backing vocalist Jen Ledger's angelic voice, and once again, the pairing is all over the album. If I had one complaint about it, it's that we don't hear her voice until the third track. But the call and response between them in the verses and the blending in the chorus is done to perfection. The production is slick enough to make rock radio tomorrow, but still heavy enough that angsty teens as well as veteran rockers can still get their fix.

I can't recommend any specific tracks because from start to finish, the whole album is excellent. Skillet knows their lane and they command it. Do your ears and your heart a favor, and grab this one if you haven't already. They're currently on the Victorious War tour with support from Sevendust and Pop Evil, so if they're coming near you, go.

Trust me.

-Sam Blackwell