Praying for Hopsin | @hopsin @solomonsporchp1

So as I was scrolling through Instagram last night I found a post from Hopsin saying, “Link in bio…I hope y’all understand.” Now for anyone who is not familiar with Hopsin, he is a hip hop artist who came up by the bootstraps. He started his own label and toured the world with no major labels backing him. I came across Hopsin from an article that Rapzilla posted where he said he had become a Christian. This was intriguing to me and I checked out his catalogue. No it isn’t Christian Hip Hop, but his Ill Mind 5 was filled with truth and Ill Mind 6 was a song I could relate with. When I heard Ill Mind 7 I was bothered. Hop pretty much said he didn’t really believe what he had been hearing in regards to the Bible and was leaving the faith. By the song itself it sounded like Hop just needed good mentorship and discipling, but I can’t say for sure because I do not know him personally. (BTW do not listen to Ill Mind 7 if you are a Christian who is easily offended. You have been warned!!!)

I respected that Hopsin shared what he was going though because many people give their life to Christ, do not get plugged in to a good Bible teaching church with a discipleship program, and then leave the faith because it isn’t what they thought it may be. (Again I don’t know if this was Hopsin’s situation, I am just speculating) Either way I started praying for him to find the real historical Biblical Jesus who loves him.

Since then I have been following his career from Funk Volume, his previous label, disbanding and him starting up UP, Undercover Prodigy, to his latest music video “I Don’t Want It.” The song talks about Hopsin feeling what Im guessing is suicidal and shares many of the events that have led up to this point. He said at the end of the song, “I gotta go find myself. I hope you all can understand.” After all this, I am still praying for Hopsin. I pray he finds himself because that will ultimately lead him to where he came from, his Heavenly Father. I hope you will join me in praying for Hop.

-Jason Bordeaux