Loud Krazy Love Documentary Review | @solomonsporchp1 @brianheadwelch

Loud Krazy Love is an honest documentary from a father and daughter showing us that walking with Christ isn’t always easy, but it is worth it. You may or may not know of Brian “Head” Welch from the band Korn. He is one of the guitarist as well as the front man for the band Love and Death. He has shared his journey regarding his coming to faith, leaving Korn, then returning after 8 years previously. This is the story of his relationship with his daughter and how his choices impacted her as well as himself.

For anyone who might be curious as to whether or not this is safe for young kids…it might not be. This documentary has rough language including the F-bomb. There are images of drugs, alcohol, and a picture from when Jennea cut herself years ago. I would say this video is more of an outreach tool than a simple VBS film. However, if you have a young one who has struggled with drugs or alcohol, go ahead and let them go through this to help them see the hope that is available to them. Either way I would recommend watching it before letting your younger children watch it, which you probably need to do with anything they watch.

Loud Krazy Love shows the realness of the kinds of struggles Christians can deal with and even momentary doubts many of us struggle with. Brian reminded me that we have to be real with others regarding our faith walk. It ain’t all sunshine and rainbows. Yes Brian is a Christian who is walking his faith walk while playing for Korn. We see that he prays with fans after the shows, which is more important than any song that can be played. We get the thoughts behind the band members and his parents throughout the film as well.

Jennea has a very unique life that she shares with us. A young lady growing up without her mother and then with a single father who is a rock and roll star. It is safe to say she had some things to work through and most, if not all, she shares with us. If you know any young lady who fights with self image or depression, this film may be beneficial to them.

All in all, I love the honesty we get from Brian and Jennea. Even if you have read Brian’s books and/or heard his interviews, he shares even more with us in this documentary. We see a beautiful story of a broken man reconciled to his band, his daughter, and his Father. I highly recommend this film and appreciate '“Loud Krazy Love” and the potential is has to change this generation.

Thank you Brian and Jennea for sharing your story.

- Solomons Porch Podcast