New Artist Jay Sanon Strikes a Chord With Debut Album | @jaysanon


 Independent recording artist Jay Sanon is thrilled to release his debut album “Matters of the Heart” on May 17, 2019. The project carries smooth, soulful, nostalgic and contagious production while conveying vivid storytelling with a timely message.

 Sanon explains said message by stating, “the concert of the album is basically my journey to wholeness in Christ. Throughout the project, I tell different stories about different women and how the relationships would start off enjoyable but ended terribly because they were unhealthy, to begin with. That was because I did not know how to love properly because I did not allow God to be the source from which I got my fulfillment. Ultimately, I wasn’t whole. We will never be able to love correctly until we’ve been correctly loved, by God.

 The album was completely self-produced by the South Florida native himself with additional from producer Dream86. It also features the likes of Toronto R&B artist Charlene Nash, singer, songwriter & producer Breekay of California duo BreeKay x Kasair and more.

 The album is also narrated by author, podcaster and life coach Joshua Eze while having spoken word pieces by Miami R&B artist and poet Iboni all throughout.

 The project has also gotten the attention of major Christian music industry players.

 “This album is AMAZING! I loved the cohesiveness and the storytelling, it felt like I was in it!” -Risha Leondra (RMG)

 “This project is very smooth, there is definitely a great vibe on this one! Jay has a bright future ahead of him.” -DJ Jeremaya (TRACKSTARZ)

“This album is such a breath of fresh air. Because of my work with NRT I hear tons on music week. And I must say this one stands out. Everything fit so nicely, and you can tell Jay took his time on it.” -Josua Galla (NEW RELEASE TODAY)

Jay hopes that “Matters of the Heart” will help give hope to those who need it. His prayer is that through his scars, people will know that healing is possible.

You can preorder the album Here