Legacy A.D. Series To Be Released Soon | @legacyadcartoon @solomonsporchp1

We like to support all Christians involved in media and entertainment and especially in the comic book world. Legacy A.D falls into that category as it is a cartoon that also be released in digital comic book form. You can follow their social media accounts at @legacyadcartoon and their youtube channel HERE. Below is what we can look forward to.

Legacy A.D.


These are the stories and adventures of a young African-American man named Deacon Foster, a Detective who was chosen by God to speak His word boldly and courageously in the face of opposition. God has given him strength and sight into the spiritual realm, to battle the schemes and strategies of Satan, as well as battle the evil spirits that followed him and were banished from heaven. Deacon is the voice of Biblical perspective on controversial issues in today’s society. He exemplifies a man of godly character and integrity; and will be an example of Jesus’ love and accountability. Deacon is a Spirit Warrior and believes he is the only one blessed by God with the gifts and abilities that he has. He will later find out that there are others like him, and to his surprise, some are under the leadership of his father whom he presumed to be dead. Deacon is in a battle against crime in the city of Atlanta, but knows the influence behind it all is of evil spiritual origin. On the opposite side of the spectrum we have Drexler Cohen, a powerful business owner with political influence who is setting up the world to receive the Anti-Christ. He is behind the chaos, violence, and crime throughout the world. So much so, that the world will seek peace from anywhere. The mysterious Cohen is never seen throughout the cartoon, only his voice is heard and his shadow is seen. Cohen is essentially under the influence of an evil spirit who is high ranking in Satan’s army of fallen angels. As Deacon wars against crime and evil spirits, we also see aspects of his Christian walk in his personal life, his willingness to serve, and his love and compassion for others. He will soon discover that his purpose is bigger than the city of Atlanta.