Jason Bordeaux Releases His First Independent Single "Good Enough" Featuring Prafit Josiah | @jasonbordeaux1 @prafitjosiah @solomonsporchp1

Jason Bordeaux (myself) has been involved in the Christian Hip Hop music scene for a few years now. I started off as a fan, then aspiring artist, then working in the industry, to being a person who just wants to drop a song every now and then. I have no desire to make a living from doing music as I say in my verse. One of my biggest struggles is whether or not to even do music at all. There are so many people trying to do music right now that the market is heavily saturated. My goal is to make music that is primarily geared toward adult believers who are married and have kids. Hopefully the songs will have a little bit of a broad reach, but I am okay if only a few people hear it and can relate.

I worked on a mixtape with my cousin “Richmane” over 4 years ago that was released on noisetrade under the group name “Blood Brothers.” With almost no understanding of music engineering and ripping all the beats from youtube, we were trying to make a splash in a scene we really didn’t know existed at that time. It was extremely fun and fulfilling. Then we release another single called “Man Above” a few years later which was a little better, but still lacked any real mixing on the song.

Being involved in the music submissions process for Trackstarz I understand that mixing and mastering is extremely important or nothing you say will get across well. A friend of mine, Prafit Josiah, told me a couple of years ago if I ever did a song he would mix and master it for me. I was game! It only took me a year and a half to actually do it. I also asked him if he wanted to do a verse on the song and he was down. So together we did this new single “Good Enough”.

One of the other important factors in a song is the cover art. No matter what we were taught growing up, a book is always judged by its cover. Likewise, a song is always prejudged by its cover art. I reached out to Eric Boston from the FiveTwenty Collective about doing one for the song and he ended up creating one that is really perfect for this song as well as the time of its release.

If you are familiar with indie CHH (Christian Hip Hop) music, you have probably heard the beat before. Tone Jonez is a popular Christian producer who leases a lot of beats and this is one I got from him. Though it isn’t 100 percent original, I love it and don’t really care. I’m not trying to do this for a living, just for fun. Even though that is true, I still want it to sound great and professional as well as have a little bit of reach. I hope this song is somewhat inspirational and has some kind of impact on your life.

-Jason Bordeaux