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Some Take Aways From The Avengers End Game Trailer

I would like to start off by saying that I am surprised the Russo Brothers lied about the name of the movie. They said awhile back that the name of this film has not been stated in the previous films. Needless to say they can no longer be trusted with what they say about future films, assuming they come back. They did say they would come back if the MCU decided to do a Secret Wars film. That being said, here are a few things I noticed about the trailer.

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What is Going to Happen to Daredevil Now?

As many of you have heard, Netflix just cancelled their Daredevil series not too long after canceling Iron Fist and Luke Cage. This is surprising news after the huge success of their 3rd season airing. Netflix still has two more shows with active contracts, Jessica Jones and Punisher, which both have 2nd seasons to be released in 2019. We all know that Netflix will be canceling those as well. Im sure all of us understand that Disney is dropping all of their outside affiliations to have ownership of all their characters as much as possible. The big question after all this is what will happen with the characters after Netflix lets them all go?

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