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Comparing the Spider-Man Movie Franchises | @solomonsporchp1

A lot of people have complained about there being so many Spider-Man franchises over the last couple of decades. When Spider-Man: Far From Home swings into theaters next month, (see what I did there?) it will be the 10th live action film to feature Spider-Man since 2002. Add to that the 3 different actors who have portrayed the webslinger in that time, and it can get pretty confusing. So before Peter Parker suits up again, we wanted to take a look at the three franchises, what sets them apart, and what each got right, and what they got wrong.

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Gotham is Returning for Its Final Season

Many may have already heard about Gotham and its final season. It will premier on January 3rd, 2019. This final season will have 12 episodes giving Gotham a total of 100 on its grand finale. This season is going to introduce Bane, who will be played by Shane West. It will also transition Jerome to full on Joker, as many of us have been waiting for.

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