The End Game for Gotham | @jasonbordeaux1 @solomonsporchpodcast @solomonsporchp1

While the majority of the world is talking about Avengers End Game, there was another conclusion that took place last night. That is the show Gotham on Fox. The show premiered back in 2014 and has just wrapped up their fifth and final season. This will be a breakdown and my opinions of the final episode.

The episode is 10 years after episode 9 takes place and is meant to set up the future of Batman and the rest of the characters from the Dark Knight arc. There were some good and bad parts of the episode. It began with commissioner Gordon having his classic mustache, which he later shaves. It did look a little strange to be honest. He is wanting to retire, which is a nod to The Dark Knight Returns where Bruce Wayne makes his return as Batman. When we finally see the Dark Knight he is older and played by a different actor. The cape and cowl was not impressive, but still was cool to see.

Another character who was replaced was Selina Kyle, which I was really upset about. Camren Bicondova played that role well and I believe could have been made to look older to fit that character ten years later. The Riddler went into full insanity mode in Arkham and Penguin went into his bigger stage of life using a prosthetic suit to make him look heavier. That did look awkward with the belt pressing into his stomach.

Most of the main villains made their final appearance including the Joker. They gave him a scarred up face, which again I didn't care for, but going back to Ace Chemicals was a great nod to finalizes arc in this show. Alfred and Lucius Fox are helping Bruce on his Batman journey, but no one else know about him being the cape crusader yet. We do meet a young Batgirl, or at least the person who will play her later in the story, Barbara Gordon. We don’t really get a Robin in any sense, so introducing Batgirl and not Robin was interesting.

One of my main complaints is cramming so much of a story in a finale episode. They barely left any time for final goodbyes for the TV audience. Overall the show as a whole was pretty good. Season 4 was probably my favorite with Season 2 being my least favorite. Which season was your favorite and what did you think of the series finale?

-Jason Bordeaux