Avengers End Game Movie Review (Spoiler Free) | @jasonbordeaux1 @solomonsporchpodcast @solomonsporchp1

It has finally arrived. The culmination of the past 11 years of Marvel Studios has finally reached the climax of this world wrapped around the Infinity Stones and Thanos’s quest to get them, which he did in Avengers Infinity War. This will be a basic review containing no spoilers outside of what the producers and cast have already given away, which is pretty much nothing.

All the actors give their best performances in this film. We see the best of all emotions come out of this team. The tone of this film was different from Infinity War and did need a new title to reflect this. End Game was a great tribute to the original 6 Avengers and revolves around them. Seeing the Avengers back together again was satisfying. If you are a comic book fan, this film will keep you busy looking and listening for Easter eggs. A lot of things happen that no one could ever guess. Just leave your predictions at the door,.

One of the most important goals for Kevin Feige (executive producer) and the Joe and Anthony Russo (writers and directors), was to give the original Avengers a different kind of story arc than how the comics normally do. We do see Captain America and Iron Man encounter each other again after 3 years since their split in Captain America: Civil War.

There are a lot of payoffs, which I will try to cover in my spoiler review that I will try to have ready to post Monday the 29th. The Russo Brothers have mastered their ability to get a ton of characters on screen in a battle. Their goal for the Russo Brothers on Civil War was to test this out and now they have paved the road for bigger and better films. The Russos said they will be taking a hiatus from Marvel Studios, but would love to return one day for Secret Wars if that happens and I for one feel like they have earned their spot. (Cross our fingers)

This “End Game” has set us up for a new beginning for new stories and I am looking forward to the next era of Marvel Studios.