Another Spider-Man Franchise Down The Drain (Sony Boycott) | @jasonbordeaux1 @solomonsporchp1

Well, Well, WELL!!! Here we go again. Right after Spider-Man Far From Home is released and officially wraps us the first 3 phases of the MCU, Sony and Disney cannot come to a sharing agreement for the beloved Spidey character. We have an article comparing all three franchises all the way up to Avengers End Game that you can check out here :

Spider-Man Far From Home grossed at $1.109 billion, which is Sony’s number one movie ever. Could this have been done without Marvel Studios running the show. I think not. Why oh why is Sony doing this to us?? Money. (FYI Money angers all things) If they looked to the fans and took a vote, I can pretty much guarantee that everyone would have voted for Spidey to stay in the MCU for as long as…EVER!!!

Yes this is an opinionated article about the situation, but we here at Solomon’s Porch Podcast, or at least me, Jason Bordeaux, calls for an immediate boycott of Sony. I am as anti-boycott as anyone I know, but we must speak out over the way Spider-Man has been mistreated all these years and join forces saying “WE’RE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT!!!!” (In our Twisted Sister rocker voice)

Whose with me???

-Jason Bordeaux