Swamp Thing Spoiler-Free Review | @solomonsporchp1 @jasonbordeaux1

The DC Universe has released the first episode of its 3rd original series limited to their streaming platform. This will be a spoiler free review of the first episode of season one of Swamp Thing.

The shows cast includes Crystal Reed as Abby Arcane (Teen Wolf and Gotham), Andy Bean as Alec Holland (It Chapter 2 and Power), and Will Patton as the main villain Avery Sunderland (Gone in 60 Seconds and Remember the Titans). This is the second appearance Crystal Reed has in a DC show with the first being Gotham aired on Fox. This show starts off with an outbreak of some kind of sickness that brings Abby back to her hometown as a representative for the CDC. She is there to try to figure out what is the cause of the sickness going around and how to cure it. She meets Alec, a biologist who is frowned upon due to some previous research that may or may not have been credible. They meet and together try to figure out the mystery plaguing the swamp of the Louisiana town of Marais.

Without getting into the details of the episode I will say the storyline has began with a good pace. The visuals are great and the CGI of the active swampland looks amazing. We haven’t gotten a good look at "Swamp Thing” yet, but with what they have done so far, it is looking promising as to what he will be like in the upcoming episodes. This show does have curse words in it, as should be expected after shows like Titans and Doom Patrol having mature content. The show mainly consists of the “four letter brown word” and horror like visuals that might give kids some bothersome nights in bed. I would recommend you watch the show before letting the kids watch it, as you should always do no matter what network produces it.

I am hopeful for this season of Swamp Thing and I hope it is a huge leap from Doom Patrol, which I personally did not like and couldn’t even finish. If you have seen it, let us know what you think.

-Jason Bordeaux

Jason Bordeaux