Spiderman: Far From Post End Game Trailer Takeaways | @solomonsporchp1

We finally have our first Spiderman: Far From Home trailer since the release of the latest Avengers End Game Film. WARNING THIS POST WILL HAVE SPOILERS FOR AVENGERS END GAME!!!!!

The trailer brings us the emotions that everyone is feeling after the sacrifice Tony Stark made when he used the infinity stones to take out Thanos and his army at the end of End Game. It appears that everyone is looking to Spiderman to pick up the responsibilities of Iron Man. Several people throughout the trailer makes that known to him even though he would rather just be the friendly neighborhood Spiderman. Happy seems to be very active in Peter’s life now since Tony’s passing and is working “with” Spiderman not “for” him.

We are introduced to the idea of the multiverse coming to the MCU thanks to the snap from End Game. This is a great way to have X-Men and Fantastic 4 having their own franchises apart from the current MCU line up, then can be brought together later by some major battle type event like Secret Wars. This film does not give us any major Easter eggs to any of the X-men or FF characters as of now.

We see Mysterio, who is a villain in the comics, say that he came from another earth and is there to help defeat the elementals. Most fanatics think this is him just trying to trick folks into believing he is a hero like he did in the comics. Some think maybe on his earth Mysterio really is a good guy. We will just have to wait and see.

One small point (or major point depending on how big of a fan you are) Carol Danvers is called Captain Marvel by Peter Parker and is the first time we have heard that title. This may be an edited part of the movie as we have seen before in other trailers. Either way it was cool to hear the name finally after seeing her in 2 films now. We are also told that Thor is off earth verifying that he is with the Guardians on whatever journey they are on.

One of the last major point is seeing the relationship between MJ and Peter taking a more serious turn and because she is smarter than comic book MJ she has figured out that Peter is Spiderman. Even though I am usually a bigger fan of comic book original characters I do like the chemistry between this version of MJ and Peter Parker.

What stuck out most to you?

-Jason Bordeaux