Why Avengers End Game Was Not A Perfect Film | @jasonbordeaux1 @solomonsporchp1

So much of the MCU fanatics have had a chance to see End Game at least once. While many are saying it is the perfect movie, I can respectfully disagree. Though I loved the film and it is in my top 5 MCU films, there are many areas of the film that could have been changed and adjusted or even taken out. Lets dive in to what will probably be controversial.

One of the first things I want to address is the non-existent times to go to the bathroom. The whole first hour was slow and needed at least a little but of action. I get they did want everything to be predictable. Everyone was waiting on the Thanos rematch where he had all the stones and going against the Avengers with the addition of Captain Marvel. That scene was really short and had no exciting moments. Thor cutting Thanos’s head off was seen coming a mile away. The scene with Ant-Man running around looking at the madness of everything was also way too long. That should have been no more than half the length they made it.

We have no reason at why Captain Marvel found Tony and Nebula in space. If she had not been aware of what Thanos had been doing up till this point in the story, what was the reason she was around them at this moment.

It seems like Nebula would have told the team that a sacrifice would have been needed to get the soul stone. It also requires what that person loves “most” according to Red Skull in Infinity War. Were Natasha and Clint each others most loved thing/person?

The time travel rules were not explained clearly, so many were confused at why Captain America stayed gone for so long and why he came back then. This isn’t a major problem, but it raises many questions about their rules of time traveling in the MCU.

Another time problem in this film that many have already questioned is why are all of Peter’s classmates still the same age as him if he disappeared for 5 years? In the Spiderman Far From Home trailer we see all his classmates and teachers looking the same age as they would have at the end of Homecoming. Just to clarify, Far From Home is suppose to take place right after the events of End Game. Some suggest that the classmates got “snaptured” as well, but theoretically only half would have been.

The only way for Thanos to wield the power of all the stones was through the power of the magical gauntlet made on Nidavellir forged by the power of a dying star. Tony must have came across some powerful elements to hold that much power in his nanotech that we were not made aware of.

My last complaint was not necessarily a problem with the storyline, but the way they handled Professor Hulk and Thor was very lackluster for me and is a bummer that they dumbed down 2 of the most powerful Avengers. I am all for showing power shared among men and women, but not to the expense of taking those who could have done the most damage and not utilizing them how they could have. We didn’t see Hulk fight at all and even Professor Hulk will fight in the comics. Again this is my personal complaint, so take it with a grain of salt.

I loved this film and would see it at least 5 times in theaters. Even with my love for all the highly anticipated moments and closures there are still a few issues that makes the movie non-flawless. I know many will disagree with me while some will agree. Either way this movie is one of best I have ever seen and will hold a special place in the hearts of many.

-Jason Bordeaux