What Did We Learn From The Superbowl "Avengers End Game" Trailer?

It has been suggested that the content we will get in the trailers for Avengers End Game will only be pulled from the first 15 minutes of the film. That being said we didn’t get a lot of content in the trailer from the Superbowl, but we did get a few looks that we haven’t seen before.

1) We get a very fast look at some of those who were taken in the snapture from Infinity War. All the colors except Black and Red were taken out of the shots that were shuffled through at the beginning of the trailer.

2) We see Tony Stark and Nebula working on something that looks like a tribute to the very first Iron Man film when Tony was working on his first suit in the cave. We don’t know what he is building, but he looks very determined to get it done.

3) It appears that Thor and Rocket are still in Wakanda in the few scenes we see them in. There was a shot of Thor that looked like he was elsewhere, but that could have been some type of out of body experience that we have seen happen in previous films.

4) Steve Rogers has a new round shield and it looks as if he is ready to go to battle leading the crowd. This might be the prototype mentioned in Spiderman: Homecoming. We see a few of the Avengers walking behind him toward the end of the trailer. Those on the team walking is Steve Rogers, Thor, Black Widow, Rocket, Ant-man, and War Machine.

5) One thing we did not see was the Hulk. I am not sure if that is because he doesn’t show up until later or if they just don’t want to give away any spoiler for a possible Professor Hulk (Hulk with the mind of Bruce Banner). Either way I am exited to see how Hulk evolves in this film.

This is not the most revealing trailer, but it still shares some insight to where the characters are at after the events of Infinity War.

What stuck out most to you?

-Jason Bordeaux