The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Doom Patrol | Spoiler-Free Review

On February 15, DC comics debuted their unusual superhero team, which will be known as the Doom Patrol, on their DC Universe streaming app. The team was actually introduced on the ‘Titans’ show that released late 2018. In that episode of ‘Titans’ we learned about Robotman, Elasti-girl, Negative man, and the Chief. The show is about the group of individuals with unusual abilities coming together to fight off a threat to them and their town. In the first episode we were introduced to new characters, got a feel for the show, and see the boundaries that DC continues to push. Lets break down the good, bad, and the ugly.

The Good

We were introduced to the newest character to join the team, Crazy Jane, which they give a short explainer on why she wasn’t their during their appearance during ‘Titans’. She has 64 personalities with each having their own power. We see a few in episode 1 and the CGI for the effects looks well done. When we see the villain, Eric Morden, his effects were okay, but not stellar in my opinion. His voice-over during parts of the show were great though. He was breaking down the walls in the way Deadpool does in his own films. This brought a different element to the show that ‘Titans’ was missing. Seeing the relationship building amongst the characters and their interactions worked well. It mainly focused on the story of Robotman joining the group along with his personal backstory. They give a twist in his story, which leaves you wanting more. They did recast the Chief and I like how they adjusted him from being what seemed a mad scientist to a person who is more emotionally attached to the individuals he has saved over time. I do like the more comedic aspects they explore in episode one and am looking forward to see how that continues.

The Bad

The show starts off with a heavy focus on Robotman, which isn’t bad in itself, but feels similar to ‘Titans’ heavy focus on their Raven character. This felt a little unoriginal. We never actually get a history of the Chief himself or why he is helping people. Toward the end of the episode we find out he has enemies and we may get a history of those later, but I wanted to know why he is doing the things he is doing to begin with. They marketed the show with Cyborg being in it, but we don’t get any introduction to his character. Though these concerns may appear later in the season, it still left many gaps.

The Ugly

Elasti-girl’s character does not appear to match her abilities in the comics. She just appears to become a blob and not grow in stature. She comes across more like Clayface from the Batman comics rather than what I see from the Doom Patrol comics. The show dives into their first exposure of nudity a couple times in the episode. I really hope they do not keep that a thing during the season.

Overall I was pleased with episode one of Doom Patrol more than the first episode of ‘Titans.’ I am a guy who appreciates humor, but I like to stay away from nudity. All the CGI worked well and the character development is progressing in a way that makes sense. I am looking forward to watching episode two.

-Jason Bordeaux