What We Know About Spider-Man Far From Home

At this point we have seen a couple of Spider-Man Far From Home trailers. We see some new relationships and new villains showing up in the Spiderman sequel. I have already discussed Jake Gyllenhaal in a different post and my thoughts on his role in the film. You can read that here: (https://www.solomonsporchpodcast.com/blog/2018/12/15/jake-gyllenhaal-is-making-his-mcu-debut-appearance) They haven’t changed much since watching this trailer. Here are some of the things that stood out to me in the trailer.

We start to see some of the new relationships taking form. Happy & Aunt May, Peter & MJ, and Ned & Betty. It is interesting how Marvel is spinning the MJ character to be different from the comics, but at this point, most fans don’t care. Before Homecoming there was a lot of controversy about that with everyone stating that MJ (Mary Jane) has red hair, wants to be an actress, is introduced as a popular girl. In this current Spider-Man film series MJ is anything but that.

We also see a check being presented and signed by Pepper Potts. This could be an edit since many believe that Tony and Pepper will be getting married at the end of Avengers: End Game. With the producers saying that Far From Home takes place moments after the events of End Game, we know this is happening after the events of the 4th Avengers film. This either means Tony Stark did not make it, they didn’t get married, Pepper didn’t change her name, or they edited the check. (They tend to do that. Remember the Hulk in the Infinity War trailer?)

Speaking of Tony Stark, we don’t get any mention of him or the events of Avengers End Game. If Tony had died though, I feel like there may not be so many happy looking moments like they have shown in this trailer. I have to say it is difficult to watch the trailers without any knowledge of End Game.

We do see Nick Fury introducing himself to Peter for the first time. He is trying to bring him on board to fight off a threat that is happening throughout Europe. Toward the end of the trailer we see Mysterio appearing to be a good guy fighting the threats known as elementals. They haven’t really shown anything else about him, but we do see the classic fishbowl helmut. The elementals looked great too. Im excited to see the fight scenes in this film.

The last thing I want to point out is the three different Spider-Man suits. The original suit Tony Stark gave Peter at the end of Homecoming, the new suit with black arms, and the all black stealth suit. I almost think the latter two suits might be the same, but when all black it is in full stealth mode. That is just my opinion.

What was your favorite part of the trailer and what are you looking forward to most?