Gotham is Returning for Its Final Season

Many may have already heard about Gotham and its final season. It will premier on January 3rd, 2019. This final season will have 12 episodes giving Gotham a total of 100 on its grand finale. This season is going to introduce Bane, who will be played by Shane West. It will also transition Jerome to full on Joker, as many of us have been waiting for.

They will be jumping forward in time so that the characters will end the show much closer to their iconic comic book selves. Robin Lord Taylor confirms he will be wearing a fat suit to look closer to the Danny Devito version of the Penguin. By the end of the season we should see Jim Gordon with a little facial hair and Bruce Wayne with his cape and cowl. The ending will be bittersweet for all of us Batman fans. Yes they have a Batman in the CW’s Arrowverse as well as in the DC Titans show. I think the big question is, will we ever have a full on Batman on a show again?

What are you looking forward to in the Gotham series finale?

-Jason Bordeaux