The Good, Bad, & Ugly of "Titans"...So Far | No Spoilers

If you are not aware, DC launched their DC Universe streaming service a few months back. With that subscription service you get exclusive shows, are able to read older comic book stories, watch previous films and shows, etc. The first exclusive content on the streaming service is the show “Titans”. The season is almost over, but before I give a full review, I would like to give my thoughts up to this point without spoilers.

The Good.

It is great to have a live action show where there are no limitations to what DC can do with their characters. The streaming service is free to release their shows without any federal rating system. This allows full expression of characters. (This has pros and cons) The story is pretty good thus far and has kept me interested. The costumes are great and the effects are done well.

The Bad.

One of the bad issues with the show is that they are trying to hard to introduce new characters into this first season to help promote their future shows. I think we should mostly be learning only about the main 4 characters. Bringing in too many other people into the story takes away from the main overarching storyline of this season of “Titans”.

The Ugly.

My least favorite part of the show is the profanity. Due to the lack of rating system, they are able to use whatever language they choose to and this show if filled with more F-Bombs than what you might have initially expected. It is more along the lines of Logan than Deadpool. Either way, it is not for Christian families to share with their kids.

There are only a few episodes left to air, so after they do I will write my official spoiler review of the season. If you don’t have the DC Universe membership, you can sign up with a free 30-day trial. They are also going to be putting “Titans” on Netflix eventually since they have an existing distribution agreement in place. So, if you don’t get to watch it now, you should be able to soon on Netflix.

-Jason Bordeaux