DC Universe "Titans" Season 1 Review

DC released their membership streaming service this past fall and their first major release exclusive to the service was their first show “Titans”. This will be a review of the first season of the show and this review will contain spoilers. I am going to share my thoughts going episode by episode.

Episode 1 was the introduction to the main characters Dick Grayson (Robin), Rachel (Raven), Kori (Starfire) and Gar (Beastboy). ( I will use their real names and cover names interchangeably) You see Robin in his suit for the first time and a pretty cool fight scene. At the end of the fight scene Robin says “F*** Batman” showing that he has pretty hard feeling toward his previous mentor. We see Raven’s adopted mother get killed and her getting help from Robin in the process. Starfire makes her appearance being confused with who she actually is and you get a small glimpse of Beastboy at the end of the episode.

Episode 2 introduces Hawk and Dove. Dove used to date Robin, but is now with Hawk. This is an attempt from Robin to try to drop off Raven with them while he goes to figure things out. We don’t get a full explainer of who Hawk and Dove are so it left too many questions in my opinion and it was kind of slow. We do however get to see a family with biologically enhanced powers come after Raven. Episode 3 Raven meets Beastboy, Starfire fights to keep Raven safe, and Robin remanences his days as an orphan being brought in by Bruce Wayne. Starfire takes Raven to the orphanage where she was raised and they keep her as hostage. Starfire and Robin finds some clues as to why Starfire is there and some ideas of what is going on with Raven.

Episode 4 we meet the Doom Patrol, which is where Beastboy had been staying. We find out more about Beastboy and the whole doom patrol, minus Cyborg, as an introduction to the upcoming Doom Patrol series. At the end the four main characters leave together on the rest of their journey. In episode 5 the team begin their training together. As the folks chasing after Raven, the Nuclear Family, find Raven, the team works together to fight them off. At the end of the episode we get a glimpse of the man who is sending the family after Raven and Jason Todd, the new Robin, comes into the picture to save Dick Grayson from the organization going after Raven.

Episode 6 shows us why Dick Grayson left Batman’s side and ventured off on his own. Jason Todd fills Dick in on whats been happening since he left Bruce Wayne and tells Dick about an old rival who is trying to track him down. Episode 7 we see Raven’s ability to help people. The team goes to the asylum where Raven’s real mother is kept and the team faces chemically induced psychological battles. We get a glimpse of some well known Batman villains names in the asylum and the end of Robin. As they burn down the asylum, Dick Grayson’s Robin suit gets burned and he leaves it behind.

Episode 8 we meet Donna Troy, aka Wondergirl. Dick tries to find his way around not being Robin and finds it difficult. We get a confirmation that the Justice League exist as well as an explanation of why Kori is there on earth and why she is being drawn to Raven. She has been sent to kill her.

Episode 9 was primarily a back story for Dove and Hawk and almost had none of the main “Titans” characters were in it aside from Raven trying to reach out for help from them in a supernatural way. I felt like this episode chould have been left out completely. Episode 10 gives us a better understanding of the full backstory of Kori and why she is there. She is starting to get her memory back. We also find out about Raven’s mom trying to bring back Trigon, who we finally get a visual for. Raven is tricked into bringing Trigon back to earth, so that he can destroy it.

Episode 11, the season finale, is probably the favorite for Batman fans. We see Trigon trying to force Dick into a mind trap to make him embrace the evil within him by making him fight Batman. Before that we see Dick as a family man and Gar and Raven as a couple in college. We see Dick battle with Batman and eventually kill him in this mind game which bring out the evilness within him in the real world. We only see where Raven and Dick leave off for sure and don’t know where Donna Troy or Starfire is left or for sure what is happening with Gar. The season ended with a teaser for Superboy who should be making appearance in season 2.

That is about the shortest I could really write up my thoughts on season 1. My opinions on the show are that it was a pretty good show. Tone down the cursing a bit and don’t try to cram so many non-Titan characters in an 11 episode season. I understand wanting to give some idea of the other characters to come, but they did way too much in this season that wasn’t even directly tied to the main villain. We only get a couple episodes with Trigon and not really a full explanation of everything that is really going on, and really only got 8 episodes of ‘Titans.’ The action was good, the effects were decent, and overall production quality was top notch. I rate it at a B-.

What do you think could have been done better?