New to Comics?

Several years ago, after loving the Marvel films that were being released, I decided to start reading the comics. I felt like this would be a great way to understand the characters more and would be able to understand the movies with a better context. Oddly enough I actually started by reading the new storyline at that time, Dark Knight Metal, which is from Detective Comics. DC had also rebooted their comic universe with DC Rebirth. That allowed for a brand new start. Marvel did a similar thing with their comics here recently, so no matter if you are a fan of Batman, Iron Man, Black Panther, or Superman, you can start from the beginning.

One of the cheaper ways to get started is to buy a trade. This is a complete story which is a compilation of 5-8 issues. This is cheaper than buying individual comics upon release and is up-to-date. You can start with the most recent or buy the 1st volume and work your way through.

You can also sign up for Marvel Unlimited which is a monthly subscription program that allows you to read marvel stories that are up to 6 months old. When you are interested in finding out more about the history of Iron Man, Spiderman, Black Panther, or even Star Wars, you can read as much as possible with that app. It allowed me to read the full Infinity War storyline before the movie came out. This doesn’t spoil the movies necessarily because the movies are usually different in their own way, minus Infinity War.

There is also the DC Universe app which has older comic storylines available to read, older shows/movies, and new exclusive shows. This is another monthly subscription, but doesn’t have as much reading material as the Marvel app. It is still enjoyable.

There are also many indie comic books which do not exist in the DC or Marvel realm. Many of the indie books are not focused on superheros at all. Stories like ‘The Walking Dead’ come from the indie market. There is another monthly subscription service where you can read all of these titles called ComiXology. All of the subscription services can be found on your smart phone app stores.

One more thing I want to mention is the Comicstorian Youtube channel. They share the full explanations of the current storylines so you can go to the store and start reading without missing out on anything major. That is a great resource for those who want to start reading.

One of the biggest problems is being overwhelmed with there being so many comic titles. There are like 5 different stories featuring Batman. Just pick one and roll with it. Don’t worry about knowing all the characters in full detail just to get started. Just go and do it.

-Jason Bordeaux