Christ N Comics- Uncle Ben’s Brilliance

I grew up with several uncles in my life. With my father being absent in my life, their presence and wisdom was something that I often looked forward to. Many of the life lessons they taught me either went over my head or were things that I would later find out weren’t “morally beneficial” for me. However, there was one uncle in my life, that wasn’t actually my blood uncle, that gave me one of the best words of advice I would use for the rest of my life…. Uncle Ben.

Many of you may be wondering “Who is Uncle ben?” or “Why is he talking about talking about the guy on the cover of the rice box?” I’m referring to Peter Parker/Spider-man’s uncle. Not only did he show love and take Peter in as his own, he would often drop jewels of knowledge to Peter. As Peter was transforming into the mega star superhero that we know now, he was convicted by his uncle’s saying “With great power, comes great responsibility.”

At the core of it’s meaning, this saying looked as though it was implying to Peter that he should use his new found super powers for something more than just for his personal gain. However, this advice applies to any and everyone and it resonated within my spirit. I look at Christ and he lived this motto from his birth and death at the cross. To be the Son of God with ALL POWER at his disposal, he remained humble and understood that his power for his people and not him personally.

 For me, I’ve used this advice within every aspect of my life. As a leader, (Husband, Father, Pastor, Manager, Blogger ), I have used this as a motto in every lane that I have responsibility in. I have the responsibility to walk in love, truth and integrity. Uncle Ben taught me that your powers will be passed down or passed up according to your personal path. With that, I’m forever blessed by Uncle Ben’s Brilliance. Spread The Soup!

-Chican George