What is Going to Happen to Daredevil Now?

As many of you have heard, Netflix just cancelled their Daredevil series not too long after canceling Iron Fist and Luke Cage. This is surprising news after the huge success of their 3rd season airing. Netflix still has two more shows with active contracts, Jessica Jones and Punisher, which both have 2nd seasons to be released in 2019. We all know that Netflix will be canceling those as well. Im sure all of us understand that Disney is dropping all of their outside affiliations to have ownership of all their characters as much as possible. The big question after all this is what will happen with the characters after Netflix lets them all go?

With Disney coming out with their streaming platform, they are expanding their MCU characters to the small screen. First will be Loki’s own prequel show. Then Vision and Scarlet Witch brooding their relationship story. A possible Winter Soldier and Falcon team up show possibly followed by Hawkeye. The Defenders characters could possibly pop up in one of these shows since it would be too confusing to carry on where Netflix left off. They could also get their own films, but that is highly unlikely. We did get a pretty cool idea from Vincent D’Onofrio, actor who plays Wilson ‘Kingpin’ Fisk, about him wanting to show up as a villain to Tom Holland’s Spiderman. Being that he was a villain in the most recent Spiderman game, this could be a possibility.

I personally would like to see Daredevil show up in a future Spiderman film where Kingpin enters into Spiderman’s radar and then they fight it out. This could open up more possibilities for other street level heros to make an impact in the MCU in order to keep that cinematic universe grounded.

What do you think will happen to the Netflix characters down the road with Disney owning the rights to use them in any way they choose?

-Jason Bordeaux