Too Much Star Wars?

Let’s be clear that I cannot really conceive of any situation in which there could be too much Star Wars for me. That having been said, I am not everyone. Duh, right? Well ok I’m a fan not as much as some, but more than many others. The odds are not in favor of a market that is as overly saturated with Star Wars as we seem to have recently been and appears to be coming.

I’m excited to see what Disney is doing with their streaming services and the two shows slated for release. I’m especially stoked to see Favreau’s “Mandalorians” since Disney and Lucas films has announced there will not be a Fett movie as previously stated (promised). But can the general public tolerate so much Star Wars or will there be a backlash in the market? I would hate to see more decline for the Galaxy, as in the performance of Solo in theaters and on disc/digital. I know you may argue the quality wasn’t there but that’s just whiny millennial bloggers or Russian bots doing what they do best, nothing of importance.

I can hear my mother tell me as child that I should do all things in moderation. I tried to convince her that I had too much homework and I should do it in moderation, it didn’t fly. Though my mother was not a Christian she had obtained this wise counsel from somewhere. Hmmm. In short, consume as much as you like but don’t over do it or you’ll end up hating what you once enjoyed.

“If you find honey, eat just enough- too much of it, and you will vomit”

Proverbs 25:16

-…and Shawn