How To Fix The DCEU

DC has some of the best comic book stories to date. They have countless Batman stories, Superman, The Flash, and many more. With all the great stories they have yet to fully nail a great movie with a well told story. Most of the DC film fans agree that The Dark Knight is one of DC’s best films up till now. Part of that is due to Heath Ledger’s ‘Joker’ performance and the story of Harvey Dent. I personally think DC needs to find a great story teller and put them in the driver seat. So what great story can fix the DCEU?


Just in case you are not familiar with the Flashpoint story it is when Barry Allen goes back in time, prevents his mother from being killed, and changes the future. Instead of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman, his father Thomas Wayne does because Bruce was killed on crime alley instead of his parents. The CW television show had their version of Flashpoint and it changed John Diggle’s child from being a girl to a boy. That was the only real major change that remained a part of the overall storyline.

If the DCEU decided to make the upcoming movie a Flashpoint story, they could reboot everything about the DCEU and pretend nothing before then ever happened. They could recast everyone and have a new beginning. I am not the only person who has this desire. As a matter of fact many of the well known comic book youtubers are begging for this to happen and I just happen to agree with all of them. There are rumors of Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill leaving the DCEU. If they leave who would you recast for Batman and Superman?

-Jason Bordeaux