The Solomon’s Porch Podcast is a unique show covering everything from discipleship to comic book culture. These 2 love breaking down the Bible and sharing Kingdom culture. We also support indie artists by playing some of their music on the shows and on our indie artist playlist.


 Jason Bordeaux

Jason is husband and father of 3 daughters. He is a graduate of the University of Mount Olive and a lover of business and marketing. Most importantly he is a follower of Jesus Christ. Since February 2016, Jason has been working with Trackstarz. He is now a part of the podcast production team and the music submissions manager. Jason also has a show where he interview Christian business owners called 
Business With Bordeaux. Jason is also an ordained minister of the Kingdom.

As a co-host to the Solomon's Porch Podcast, Jason likes to find great music to share with listeners to show the great level of quality music in the Christian industry. He is also a skeptic of any traditions that are not biblical and likes to dive into those issues engaging in great conversation. 

Twitter- @jasonbordeaux1
Instagram- @jasonbordeaux1

...and Shawn

"... Shawn" is a husband and a father of one daughter. A graduate of Wilson Community College with an associates in Interpreter Education. "...and Shawn" currently is a homeschool administrator and Photographer. He is not bound to social norms or religious expectations, but focuses on his relationship with God, our Savior, and the Holy Spirit. Shawn homeschools his daughter and they both commute by bicycle. "I hope to challenge and encourage a change of perspective to the Christian conversion about the topics of today". 

Twitter- @dadisabels

Instagram - @shawnhowellphotography